Monday, February 22, 2010

Vanilla Sugar!

As I like to have some vanilla in my coffee - yesterday afternoon I made vanilla sugar.  Turns out it is super super easy to make.  I used this recipe from Baking Bites as my guide.

It was simple - I started with 2 cups of sugar, and one split vanilla bean.  I also scraped the seeds out and threw them into the sugar, but that isn't required.  The vanilla bean pod on its own will flavor the sugar.  Now I just need to let it sit for a week!  The best part is - I can keep adding sugar as I deplete it, as the vanilla bean will last for a long time (I've read about a year).  I want to store it in my Whitney Smith bird sugar bowl.  I think that this would make a good Christmas gift for co-workers or friends as it is pretty inexpensive to make and quite wonderful. 

I also want to thank Peter and Meaghan for the Pryex set!  We have been trying to move away from plastic tupperware for a while now, and Peter and Meaghan just got us the most awesome set of glass storage containers (one used for vanilla sugar making).  Thanks so much!  

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