Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Computer Scientist Barbie

Look's like Barbie has a new career - as a computer scientist!  Although it is still a little bit much (binary on her t-shirt and pink geek chic glasses?), it still seems pretty cool.  I must say that I LOVED Barbie when I was little - my favorite being Garden Party Barbie circa 1987 (check her out below). I thought that she had the most beautiful outfit.  My second favorite Barbie was career Barbie's day to night reversible suit circa 1984 (also below).  I loved the night skirt and the little briefcase full of plastic pencils and paper.  Don't worry, I still have both.  My nieces will thank me someday.

{image from Toys I Have Loved}

{Image from Amazon}

p.s. I might have to buy computer scientist Barbie for Daniela and Cecilia... just because it would be fun to let engineer Barbie play with my old school Barbies.  Too bad I don't have astronaut Barbie to round out the group. :)

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