Tuesday, January 26, 2010

home improvement

This weekend we finally tacked some of the projects on our to-do list. My fiance cleaned the part of our basement which sort of flooded in last week's rain and I got around to hanging some photo frames. For the past year or so, we had had these two framed posters propped up on top of our piano waiting to be hung. They were pretty nice - black and white posters from Ikea and frames from Michael's.

However, last month when we were in New Orleans, we stopped by the Art Mart at Palmer Park and picked up some cool frames from Laville Frames. The frames are made from recycled wood. This weekend I hung the four new Laville frames with two small gold frames picked up at a coffee shop.

I like the new look - definitely an improvement! Now I just have to print photos to put in the frames. I am thinking black and white photos would look nice.

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