Tuesday, May 12, 2009

remembering memaw

One year ago today, my lovely grandmother Memaw passed away. Memaw was my mother's mother and she lived with us from the time that I was about three (?) until she moved down the street to a nursing home when I was a senior in high school (she had advanced Alzheimer's disease). The photo (one of my favorites) above shows her in her military uniform - she joined the Army during the Second World War.

I was named after her (and my dad's aunt too actually). Check us out on the porch swing above - she always had a wonderful smile, peaches and cream skin, and lovely wavy hair.

Memaw wasn't your ordinary grandmother. She was our constant companion and friend - she sewed us costumes, read us many books, built forts out of paper bags (see above), and walked me to school everyday. She pointed out the morning glories that grew on the corner of 6th and Prytania and said hello to the "good morning dog" on 2nd and Prytania when he would growl in our direction as we passed. She also made chicken pot pie without the veggies for my brothers (also with extra crust). She also made raspberry jello jigglers, bought raspberry sherbert, used the butter spread that had cartoon corn on the side, got the bread with the nuts, and made hot chocolate with milk. Also - she was the only person in the family who could make gravy without bouts of anxiety.

We miss our Memaw - but luckily we have lots of wonderful memories from so many happy days in the backyard and evenings in her living room. Now if only my parents knew how many nights we had snuck to her apartment to have a second helping of dessert...

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  1. memaw was THE best grandma...so sweet and loving. :)

    Great tribute A!


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