Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I have been pretty good about updating my blog every day or so lately - well that was until I learned my brother Johnny was admitted to the ER at St. Mary's in San Francisco on Saturday afternoon. Our mom flew out on Sunday (see note about her superhero status), and he has been getting better ever since. Johnny had developed some serious tonsillar abscesses and he needed several days worth of IV antibiotics and fluids to fight off the infection. So now it is Wednesday evening and he has put the worst of his illness and two final exams behind him - quite a feat for 5 days! Check him out in the hospital room above. Lookin good Johnny!

So I haven't said much about Johnny yet on the blog. He is kid #4 of 6 and a nursing student in San Francisco. Johnny and his lovely girlfriend Paola were instrumental in the creation of the lamb cakes at Easter. He is also a really good photographer - taking photos with all kinds of obscure and antique cameras. Check out his work on flickr and his self portrait below.

Glad you are feeling better little bro!

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