Sunday, May 31, 2009

lizard love

Every year in New Orleans, Jazz Fest spans the last weekend in April and the first weekend in May. We were all set to go this year until we realized that it conflicted with a reunion. I was heartbroken at first, because it meant another year without crawfish bread. Crawfish bread is one of the signature dishes served at Jazz Fest (along with crawfish monica, alligator pies, and fried green tomatoes - to name a few of my favorites). Elizabeth, never one to accept defeat, swung into action and brought home two pieces for us and dutifully kept them in her freezer - until this past weekend. Brought as a present to our engagement party, I could hardly keep my hands off them! Of course it would be crazy to heat them up at a party - they are too good to share!

Check out this montage to the crawfish bread that was.

Thanks Lizard for bringing crawfish bread back into my life. It was a wonderful treat and totally made my weekend.


  1. that's true love. - nick richardson

  2. just saw this! you're so welcome! I'd have done it every year if I'd known you were jonesing so badly. but it won't ever be an issue again, since I know you'll be sure to block off at least one of the two weekends from now on, right??? if that should fail, however, I'll of course be more than happy to pull backup duty.


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