Thursday, February 19, 2009

sharks in the water

On Tuesday night, my bf and I went to the Sharks game.  The Sharks are on fire right now and they did not disappoint, as they won 4 to 2.  In the photo above, the captain - Patrick Marleau is congratulating the goalie Nabby (who is on my fantasy hockey team by the way).  They played the Oilers and it was a dirty game - with lots of fighting, which of course made it great to watch!  We watched the game with another couple.   The woman of the couple made a really funny observation.  She said that hockey was like a male musical - that hockey players break out into fights, like actors in a musical spontaneously break into song.  I thought it was funny because it is kind of true, especially in this game where the players were looking for any excuse.  Check out the photo below- most of the players on the ice were involved in this fight. 

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  1. I think it'd be hilarious to see a "hockey musical," on ice! haha.


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