Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bee My Valentine!

What better way to spend Valentine's day then tasting honey?  I headed up to Napa Valley this weekend with my honey and his family to participate in a honey themed cooking class.  We used honey from Marshall"s Farm which is collected from bees all over the San Francisco Bay Area.   Check out the photo above to see how many types we tasted!  My favorite was the Napa Valley Wildflower.  Mrs. Helene Marshall was on hand to explain how honey is made and mentioned that local honey can help fight local allergies.  

After our honey tutorial, we got to the business of cooking.  Eighteen people cooked 8 dishes which featured seasonal ingredients and honey.  However, a suprise came in the form of a cheese plate that was served with a bit of honeycomb.  It was fantastic.  Who knew that the entire honeycomb was edible?  We bought some to serve next time we have friends over.  Check it out below. 

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  1. I love honey more than anyone else I know. Seriously. The bee people at the Crescent City Farmers Market know be my name.


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