Monday, September 28, 2009

thank you!

This past weekend the Mount's threw us an engagement party at their home. Saturday was the PERFECT day too - a warm California evening! My sister even flew in from New York for the occasion. The backyard was set up with lovely tablecloths and flowers.

We even had another New Orleans native Helen Lancaster (my dad's friend Billy's sister) on hand to teach us how to properly dance to Cajun music (wedding prep). She taught us the jig, two step, shuffle, and the waltz. My California friends now know more about Cajun dancing than the locals I think! Here she is in the brown top teaching us how to do a jig. I can't say dancing comes naturally - I had to think a lot about it!
Although my parents couldn't be there, my dad sent both my sister and his infamous sazerac mix (shipped in the mail) for the occasion. Not surprisingly, they were gone super fast!
It was a wonderful night! Thanks so much to the future in-laws for throwing such a great party for us! More details to come this week. :)

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