Tuesday, September 29, 2009

party favor

At the engagement party on Saturday, the Mount's decorated with blue hydrangeas of various hues. I love these flowers! Then on Sunday, Mrs. Mount encouraged me to take a plant home with me. I knew just where to put it, as a plant had died months ago and its spiny self was still buried in the dirt. I promptly dug it out and added better soil (and fertilizer).
The plant waiting as its new home is prepared.
It was totally root bound in its little pot - no longer a problem!
Voila! Now if I can just keep it alive like the roses. The only thing that may cause trouble is the fact that I am pretty sure the irrigation in this area is broken (thus the dead plant predecessor). A pretty easy thing that I keep forgetting to check.
By the way, I learned something new about blue hydrangeas. In order to maintain their blue color, the soil must be amended with aluminum sulfate. Otherwise, they will slowly start to turn pink over the years. Learn something new everyday. Now if I can just keep them alive for a few years...


  1. I think I have the same gadening gloves! Finally bought potting soil and lettuce, chard & spinach seeds this weekend. Nothing as extravagant as roses, though.

    All the flowers and everything else was gorgeous at the party!


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