Monday, March 9, 2009


Last week, one of my best friends from college Ben made the long trip out from Maryland to the Bay Area to give a presentation at NASA. Although I can't say that I am thrilled that NASA supports flying across the country for a day to deliver a 60 minute presentation (that could be done over VC), it was great to see Ben! I took him to Fraiche, a Palo Alto natural yogurt shop. It is very California and really good. I don't need any excuse to see my terps!

p.s. check out Ben the last time he visited in the fall of 2006 - has it really been that long?!? We went to Muir Woods and Ben played the trees... 


  1. You have silly friends! And a delicious neighbourhood yogurt shop.

  2. How you gonna do me like that Aliche? That video was never meant to see the light of day ;)


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