Thursday, March 24, 2011

flower arranging class

A few weeks ago, my friend Amy emailed a bunch of us and asked if we would join her for a flower arranging class.  Since I love taking classes, I jumped at the chance when I confirmed I wasn't going to be out of town.  The class was hosting by a flower shop called Studio Choo - I just so happened to be obsessed with their blog while planning our wedding.  They have GORGEOUS arrangements, many of which I sent to my own wedding florist for inspiration and insight into my taste.

Anyway, last Sunday four friends met up to learn how to make a beautiful arrangement.  During class they taught us their philosophy of flower arranging: a sturdy base layer, topped with colorful focal flowers, sprinkled with tiny bits at the end.

The sturdy elements

the focal flowers

the bits!

Although the six of us taking the class all used the same flowers, our arrangements came out very differently!  It was a lot of fun to see.  I've posted photos of mine below.  You can also check out Amy's flowers on her blog!  So many beautiful combinations of these flowers.

the beginning
It was hard not to get discouraged in the beginning.  I had to start over a few times.  I think the problem was lack of vision.

it's starting to take shape!
The finished product.  Not too bad!  Loved the combination of the bright orange ranunculus and the dark plum leaves.  I also loved the green and pink ranunculus.  So much fun to be surrounded by beautiful flowers and lovely friends on a Sunday morning in San Francisco. 

Now if only I had been around during the week to enjoy them instead of in Atlanta...  :)

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