Thursday, August 26, 2010

hog heaven

My friend Kevin has some cool hobbies (raising chickens, woodworking, preparing for the apocalypse), so you can always count on him to have interesting stories to tell.  This spring, he went hunting with Charles for wild boar in Sonoma County.  Last weekend (and tonight) I got to taste some of the spoils. 

Charles and Kevin bring home the bacon
Kevin, who had taken a hog butchering class in San Francisco, butchered his pig and brought the hams to Dittmers in Mountain View.  On Sunday, Kevin and his wife shared this delicious ham with my husband and I.
The ham in its juices
I was skeptical.  I hadn't ever had wild pig before - but I am a believer now.  It was incredible.

Sliced, juicy goodness
Kevin said that part of the flavor came from the way it was butchered (a little more fat was left on the meat), but also from Dittmer's smokehouse.  It was delicious - now I want to go taste some of the meats at Dittmer's!
The final plate - wild boar, mashed potatoes with duck fat, and zucchini 
Thanks Kevin and Nell for including us in such a wonderful feast!

p.s. I got to have the ham all over again tonight (in a quiche) when Nell hosted ladies night!  Thanks again Nell!


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