Thursday, December 17, 2009

sweet treats

For the past few years, I have embraced my mom's tradition of making sherried pecans for friends, neighbors, and coworkers. This year my fiance and I got to business with several pounds of pecans, sherry, sugar, a candy thermometer, and other mysterious spices (some recipes online use butter - not this one).

We bagged them up and then distributed them (well some of them have been distributed - others will get them after Christmas). Oops! Bad planning on my part... lots of work getting in the way. Anyway, they are good for a long time and will still taste good in January (it's the thought that counts right)?!

The recipe comes from my childhood friend Arden's grandmother. My grandmother asked her grandmother for the recipe, and the holiday tradition was born. These pecans are addicting - I ate about a million while making them...

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