Tuesday, April 14, 2009


On Valentine's day, my fiance and I took a cooking class with his family up at Cakebread Winery up in Napa. Since then - we have made this beet appetizer probably 5 times! We subscribe to a CSA, so it is easy to request beets and because this appetizer is so good (and so simple) we find that we have made it over and over again (twice in the last two weeks). Bridget took this photo of our beet appetizer a week ago and I thought that this photo was too pretty (and too delicious) not to post. I plan to scan the recipe soon and will share it with you if you are interested! Just let me know by leaving a comment. :)


  1. Alice, I am Eli Collins' mother from Charlotte, NC, and would love to have your recipe for the beet appetizer! If you are sharing your spinach chicken pie recipe, I'd like to have that as well. Eli thought I'd enjoy your blog, and I am!


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